Life in the Reptilian Realm










Pushkaraj said...

WOW! You wrote all that?
I always believe that it is easier to write about than than to write FOR children. Great work.
About 20 years ago, I wrote a series of articles in a local Marathi daily on the rare and/or extinct animals of India. There are people who have been chasing all these years to get the stuff published. I have just been plain lazy about it.

sacredeastwind said...

I doesn't come easy to me, to accept compliments (someone told me recently) ... but I shall this time. However, the publisher I wrote for made the work very easy.

You should publish, I'll be in line to get it signed :D

P.S. - do you still have those articles? were they written in Marathi?

Pushkaraj said...

Yes, they are all in Marathi. The sub-editor was given my reference through a common friend. I was heavily into birdwatching (the feathered variety), conducting nature orientation programs for children and so on.
The reasons I gave myself for not publishing were
1. Why would anybody want to read what I have written. (I know, I know what you will say to this.)
2. As far as the information given in the articles was concerned, anybody could have found it by referring to some books. So what was special about the articles?

sacredeastwind said...

Aweeeesoooommmeee! I don't know much about birds but am keen on learning. Must pick up a book perhaps.

See, if you'd published your book, you could've said, here read the book I've written ... :P

P.S. that's how i wrote these books, referring to other books, and articles :) nothing special about these either.